Sunday AM

We kick off at 10:45 am by just milling around drinking filtered coffee or tea and grabbing a biscuit. Folks turn up anywhere between 10:30-10:45 am.

We are a fairly informal bunch so come dressed as you like, within reason! It’s not what the outside looks like that is important it’s the person inside we’re interested in.

Worship is high on our agenda – it’s contemporary in nature and led by guitar. Don’t worry about the words they are video projected and if you can’t sing you’ll be in good company 😉 Sometimes our worship is loud and expressive at other times it’s soft and reflective. Generally, most people find something in it that helps them connect with God.

We are a bunch of people trying to discover what it is to follow Jesus. One of the things he said was to remember him whenever we meet. So that’s what we do next. We take bread and wine (juice) whilst reflecting on his life, death and resurrection. If you don’t want to do this then just sit back and watch the others.

As a community we have quite a bit going on so then we have some notices and general feedback. Now is the time for a short tea/coffee break and a chance to chat.

The final part of our meeting is focused on learning and generally involves someone giving a relevant talk about how we can apply Jesus’ teachings to our everyday lives. Often these talks are interactive so we may have DVD clips, PowerPoint presentations and group discussions.

At the end of the morning people may want to respond to what’s happened – sometimes we do this formally by praying or talking while the music plays.

Our gathering is then officially over 🙂 We’re a friendly bunch so a lot of people do tend to stop after for a chat.

We look forward to seeing you soon!